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Agrabad, Chittagong
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Hi! My name is Ziauddin Robin. I am a computer science graduate from Bangladesh. I have been working in several php projects for the last 10 years. I develop software based on client requirements. I have not yet contributed in open-source projects but aspire to do so. I listen to others’ problems and help as much as I can. I have been helping my junior co-workers to improve their skills and solving problems.

I have developed restaurant online ordering solution, creating websites for personal or business purpose, Do many payment gateway integration in different websites, creating rest api for mobile application.

In leisure I like to travel, especially to the countryside. Mobile photography is my hobby.

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My career timeline

I have very small career history. After completing my graduation I was join a IT company as Junior web developer and starting various kinds of web technology project.


Upwork, Fiverr

Now I am full time freelance php developer. Love to help people in their projects and want to work together. I have profiles in different platform and you can reach me through all those.

platforms: Upwork Fiverr
Works: Tinhill Salon, Gojobs.dk, Emage Company, Beiei, Diversity production program

Start: Jan 2022 Running: Dec 2022. Duration: 1 Year


Fast order, Riyadh, Soudi Arabia

Fastorder gives you the ability to find what you want, purchase & get your items delivered to you. This is a slim backend application. But its uses lot of other technology as well to fast the user experience. This application also use socket.io to fetch backgroud two way communication. Elastic search use to provide faster search facility. I was asisting the owner to converting slim application to latest slim4 version. I was learing a lot of things regarding implementing on slim4. Such as twig template engin, localization, fiona DB, Elasticsearch, socket.io, node, permission manager.

projects url: Fastorder

Start: Jul 2021 End: August 2021. Duration: 2 Month


American Best It, Mohakhali Dohs, Dhaka

As we are facing some unsuccessful story in ZAR technology and to run the company we need money and I was decided to join a company and also got a good offer from American best it. So I tried to run both my partnership and jobs but none of them successfull. I was working as American best it as a partner. I was owner ieatery project there and also contribute their other project as well.

projects url: iEatery Shapla Foundation Jupitar Platform

Start: May 2017 End: May 2019. Duration: 2 Years


Zar Internation Technology Firm, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Before leaving chefonline I was thinking start my own company. So Me and other two employees of chefonline we form ZAR techonology. Me take care of main development task and other two was Communication and Marketing. We had some sucessfull story and some unsuccessfull. But in 2020 we were decided to hold our company operation as we all were busy with individual work. So my partnership company story on hold now.

projects url: Chefonline

Start: Sep 2016 OnHold: Sep 2020. Duration: 4 Years


Chefonline, London, UK

Chefonline is a online ordering solution for Uk restaurants. Here I start with 5 engineers and growing 100 plus employee company within 6 months. There are different department such as customer support, marketing, call center support, front end developer, backend developer, mobile app development team, graphics team, Seo team. We all together create a brand. That was a wounderful experience. Solution we develop: 1. Individual restaurant website, 2. Restaurant Portal like Justeat 3. Individual Restaurant app (IOS and Android) 4. Individual Restaurant Manager Panel( Restaurant owner or Manager) and app(IOS and android). 5. Epos solution with sync with website. 6. Api for all communication between different platform.

projects url: Chefonline

Start: Dec 2014 End: Dec 2016. Duration: 2 Years


Ibacs Limited, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ibacs Limited was UK based software company. It had 30 or above employee. We are working from Bangladesh office. Here I learn project management, development life cycles and web project development process. We was working in a team for a project. Designer, developer, project lead, QA form a team. I learn a lot from this company. I was working lot of projetcs here. But all project were not active now.

projects url: Valet Parking

Start: Feb 2012 End: Nov 2014. Duration: 1 Year 10 Months


Aspect Ratio Creative Communication. Khulshi, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Its my first company where I start my career. I start as a junior web developer. Small office with few employee in owner home. I am working in php, mysql, Joomla, wordpress and raw php project.

projects url: Equity Property Limited, Chittagong Stock Exchange

Start: Feb 2011 End: Nov 2011. Duration: 10 Months

Mobile photography while traveling in vacation.

I love to take photo when I was traveling different places in my holidays. I have been visit not lot of places but some of them are really nice. I share some of those with you.


Nexopos customization delivery week end

Sunset near Sea

On holidy I was visit potenga sea beach with my school friend and have fun.


Gojobs completion holiday

Cloudy sky

After finishing week end trip When I was returned from my countryside I was took that snap at afternoon.


Summer vacation

Just after sun set

It was a numb evening. I was so tired after coming from played football near the resort ground.


Home Gardening

Flower of the home garden.

I could not remember what was the name of the tree. But there was very nice flower so I was took a snap to keep in my memory.


Afternoon walk

Walking in park

Have a relaxation walk in afternoon with school friend after heavy work load in morning


Go sea side with friends

Potenga Sea Beach, Chittagong

It was a wonderful visit patenga sea beach. Snap was taken just after sunset.