Freelance Php Developer who love to develop website, fixing bugs and developing of ongoing project.

Hi, my name is Ziauddin Robin. I am a computer science graduate. I love to work in project based on php. I have experince with Symfony laravel slim4 yii codeigniter. Mysql postgres sqlite. Building API for mobile applications such as E-commerce, Business automation software, Mobile application and online ordering systems for Restaurants.

I also Love to fixing bugs and new features of ongoing project. I have been working lot of ongoing projects and fixing bugs and extend codecanyon project in Fiverr and Upwork.

Expertise: PHP | Mysql | Javascript | Server Configure | Testing | Bug fixing | Quickly adopted ongoing any php project.

My Recent Projects

Here I listed most recent project those I working for my personal interest or Client's requirement. I listed here 4 projects but you can visit project page for all time projects.

Job Portal

Client requirement was add a background process that registered job seeker cv send to employer automatically based on some admin settings. All background process implement with laravel queue and schedule task.

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Hotel Management

In this project there is no option for add discount, service charge and booking edit or delete. So add those option in admins section and also show discouent and service charge in consumer panel.

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NexoPOS is a POS System, CRM, and Inventory Manager, that aims to ease store management. It has several paid modules. I have customize and fixing issue woo-commerce, gastro and multi store modules.

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Caddy server upgrade

Its not a project. It was currently most popular open source golang web server caddy version 1 to 2 upgrade. Here I build caddy server from source and add third party plugin for working filter as version 1.

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Php Projects and Packages I follow

In my development journey I have used lot of php packages and working with projects and lot of projects I follow in github. Some of them help me to learn a lot.

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Professional Fast Delivery project

My Recent Upwork(21) and Fiverr(10) work

Recent Upwork Completed Job List

  • Simple Job | Deploy mixpanel on server-side only

  • One simple job | Upgrade Caddy 1.0 to Caddy 2.0

  • Convert aspx backend server to PHP for one simple single page website

Recent Fiverr Completed Job List

My Recent Blog

I write in two platform. Hashnode and tealfeed. Here I listed some blog post I have written in Hashnode recently.

Jul 15


Laravel schedule manager totem

Laravel Totem is pretty dashboard where you can manage schedules. Enable/Disable scheduled tasks on the fly without going back to your code again. This dashboard is similar to Laravel Horizon.

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Apr 9


New #php 7 and 8 features

There are few but interesting features of php 8 and 7 discuss in this post. Match expressions, Null and Void return types, Never return type, Array destructuring, Array destructuring (v7.1), Spread operator within arrays (v7.4) & (v8.1), Enumerations (enums)) (v8.1), Arrow functions (v7.4), Named parameters (v8.0), Null coalescing operator (v7.0) and many more.

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Feb 24


Ubiquity Php framework. Very first look at #Ubiquity

Today I found Ubiquity php framework. it is a php rapid development framework. Very easy to setup and first look into the project only few command

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