Software Engineer | Team Leader | Open-source lover

Hi, my name is Ziauddin Robin. I am a computer science graduate. I have been working in several php project for last 10 years. Symfony laravel slim yii codeigniter. Mysql postgres sqlite. Building API for mobile applications such as E-commerce, Business automation software, Mobile application and online ordering systems for Restaurants

Expertise: PHP | Mysql | Python | Javascript.

Back End development

   Mysql and postgresql.
   PHP,   python and Go Lang
   laravel, codeigniter, Symfony
   Django, flask

Front End Development

   html5 boilerplate, Tailwind Starter Kit
   Bootstrap, Tailwind, Fomantic UI

Mobile APP API development

Mysql, postgresql, Fauna.
Lumen, Symfony, slim, Yii2
Django, flask

Working with current technology and maintain best practice

My working process is client oriented. I can working in different language like PHP, Python and Javascript. If you have any project developed or developing in these language then you are welcome to discuss with me.

We can discuss about the project scope, development plan, extention of existing project.

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Professional Fast Delivery project

...Professional Fast Delivery

All communication should be in written. Client can management his/her project management tools or perticipate in ours.

  • Projetc management with Asana

  • Code quality with unit testing

  • Github Action for CI/CD

Lets work together

Communication is the key. Lets discuss about your need and make a plan to implement it. So Building something amazing need both party communication.


We can use project management tools like Asana, Trello, jira

Technology Stack and development

There are several technology stack. Based on client requirement I choose best suitable stack. on ther hand client can choose his/her stack as well.

Test and delivery

I prefere test driven deveelopment. We can choose some stack which has build in test framework to test and build application.

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