Online Courier Management System

Online courier is very small product delivery system. One of my client who is an ecommerce owner have their own product delivery team want help other ecommerce similar like him. So ask me to build a system where he can listed other onwer who need reliable delivery they can trust and easily track down product delivery and payment come from it. There are so many merchant who have only their facebook page and promote their product and delivery throuh local courier service but all those service are not always reliable or expensive.



Online Courier is a B2B solution. There is no way where individual can signup and booking a parcel for send. There is no way sync with merchant online store. The parcel is added by merchant himself not his consumer. So consumer have no idea about their product delivery.

Its B2B solution not B2C.
There is no way to sync with merchant web store.
Payment processing is manual


Minimal B2B solution and very suitable for an ecommerce business owner who has product delievry team. So He/she can help other business owner who has no product delivery team.

Maintaince and setup very easy. Owner can himself/herself manage the software.
Parcel add and can check status of parcel from admin panel.
Payment history.
Support area wise delivery charge.

Demo Details

Marcant panel can login with demo verification. and if you want to see Owner panel. Please contact with me.

  • Login Url: Online Courier
  • You can sign up with you business name and phone number

  • No passcode show in the login page. So you can login as merchant